Poetry Drawer: She is by Kumar Ghimire

My notion of heaviness
Rests upon arms of her.
Spring of my face
Can be felt in
in the weather of her face.
She is gentle
gentleness can be seen in her words.
She is great.
Her greatness can be seen in her gentleness.
Flowers gets jealous
for the aroma of her compassion.
Time stops to see
The beauty of her love.
Bees try to rob sweetness
Of her kindness.
Pages of skies might be filled.
Even ink is made up of ocean water.
But she is beyond expression.
She is within me.
She is sweet and kind.
Whom I call as mummy.

Kumar Ghimire is a Nepalese poet. His poems have been published on many national and international magazines like Sahitya Post, Polish Magazine, Synchronized chaos, writers club etc.

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