Poetry Drawer: An Islet by Sushant Thapa 

My brick home of tough times
Looks like
My miniature islet.
Like some fantasy lovers
Dancing under the whole stranded sky
My miniature of an islet home
Has no address.
I cannot whisper my ill wind of ease
To my miniature islet home.
I admire members under its roof
The love is danced,
The love is greeted,
Love is treated.
To a remembered beloved
I address my islet.
One home I should build
For Imagination,
I often knock its door
Where my imagination wakes up,
Becomes a task doer,
Makes the world fitted in a room
More spacious.
But I want to walk in my garden!

Sushant Thapa is from Biratnagar, Nepal. He has published four books of poems: The Poetic Burden and Other Poems (Authorspress, New Delhi, 2020), Abstraction and Other Poems (Impspired, UK, 2021), Minutes of Merit (Haoajan, Kolkata, 2021), Love’s Cradle (World Inkers Printing and Publishing, USA and Africa, 2023). He is an English lecturer to undergraduate level students of BBA and BIT at Nepal Business College, Biratnagar, Nepal and Master’s level at Degree Campus. He also teaches English poetry to M.A. English students at Degree Campus. He holds an M.A in English literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. He has been published in print, online, school book and anthologies around the world. He also writes Flash Fictions, Short Stories and Book Reviews.

You can find more of Sushant’s work here on Ink Pantry.

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