Inkphrastica: Nigel Astell—Martin Elder—Maggie Waker—Randall Horton—Poems inspired by Mark Sheeky’s Oil Painting

Till Death Do Us Part
(by Nigel Astell)

Bride was unfaithful
murdered by Groom
white wedding dress
soaking blood red
death sentence passed
lifeless hanging corpse
devil lovers whisper
honeymoon in hell
this ghost marriage
can now begin.

Look At Me
(by Martin Elder)

Is this how you really see me
Is this how you want to see me
Daubed here
Hung here for the whole world to see me
This nervous wisp of a sprite
In all her pasty glory
Look at me
Please…please look at me
I am trying to smile
I really am

Are my eyes really that colour?
Are you sure
My skin is so beautiful
Don’t say just like me
It’s so crass
So obvious
So sad like the look in my eyes
Look at me
Tell me this is a lie
That this is just a cheap imitation
That I am something more than this
I have arms and legs
A whole body to
I have a mind
Ears that hear everything
Every last drop of gossamer breath
I see
I see you now
I see you yesterday
And the day before
And the day before that when you are moaning
And yet you just see today
Looking back at me
Am I a trophy
Your badge of honour
For a job well done
Look at me
No don’t look away
Look at me…please
O.K. I will be here
Until you come again to look at me

Last Picture
(by Randall Horton)

Last Picture

A girl

         Or a boy

Looks at the illusion of time

                        And imagines a future

Free from space.

                       A continuum breaks.

A smile, too.

(by Maggie Waker)

Some say she’s scary
I say she’s scared

Some say she’s pale
I say she’s poorly.

Some say she’s tired
I say she’s trapped

Some say she’s thin
I say she’s slim

Some say she’s delicate
I say she’s ethereal

Some say she’s plain
I say she’s ill – favoured

Some say she stares
I say she cares.

Some say they connect
I say I bond.

Mark Sheeky’s Oil Painting: Miss X (available for sale)

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